The New Monks. 10

Sensei Chris delivers the goods on all things plants, herbs and plant medicines, talking about his connection to plants and the healing properties of plants. Chris opens up about his transition from working as a building constructor to finding a more fulfilling path that brings more happiness, not just for himself but for his family too and breaking the cycle of trauma that was passed down to him and finding the light within.

The New Monks. 9

Niaby discusses her transition from working as a stockbroker to becoming a medium, yes she sees dead people! How illness urged this transition in career, her journeying with Ayahuasca, which she has taken 10 times and dealing with the fear of humiliation in talking about these mystical experiences.

The New Monks. 8

Josh discusses his transition to a plant-based diet 5 years ago, the search to find his "people" and releasing himself from the view of polarity that he was experiencing life within.

The New Monks. 7

Tom talks about his interest in self-development since the age of 22, the resources that helped him to live within truth and his more recent kundalini awakening.

The New Monks. 6

Attia discusses how Burning Man created a space for growth on her journey, her insights with Mama Ayahuasca, and how vipassana was one of the hardest things to have accomplished.

The New Monks. 5

Patrick describes his journey of acceptance; how seeing a therapist changed him, spending 3 years in contemplation (whilst living in London) and experiencing the magic of existence and what that means for him now.

The New Monks. 4

Rebecca discusses questioning the status quo; transitioning from a job as an insurance advisor to becoming a yoga instructor, what home feels like and her thirst to search for what is below the depths of this human experience.

The New Monks. 3

Josh shares with us how he dealt with loss and what can be found when we look beneath the initial disappointment, finding his purpose and what “meditation” means to him.

The New Monks. 2

Raavaniya discusses what self-love means for her, what she does to find inspiration, and making the decision to walk away from suffering.

The New Monks. 1

David discusses going through a spiritual awakening at such a young age, his doubts in what was taught to him at higher education, and struggling with self-esteem.